Virgin Killer Sweater Buying Guide {Best in 2020}


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In this post we shall explore the best 7 Virgin Killer Sweaters for anyone who wants to look sexy.

Virgin killing sweaters are very common, especially Japanese women (read more on background information below).

What is a Virgin Killer Sweater?

The virgin killing sweater is a an erotic sweater used in different contexts, such as; pornography, anime, sexual arousal and cosplay. For more information you can Google the phrases below;

  • “Virgin killer sweater porn”
  • “Virgin killer sweater anime”
  • “Virgin killer sweater Cosplay”

From its name, you can tell that it’s meant to drive people crazy sexually. Therefore, the virgin killing sweater is won by women to make them more sexy and a center of attraction.

The virgin killer sweater is a type of clothing designed to drive young virgin men crazy and increase their sexual desire.  The virgin killing sweater has several designs which make it to achieve that primary function.

For example, it has a backless turtle neck to expose some skin so as to grab the attention of any virgin.

Additionally, its side is open to show some boob on the side for further arousal of the virgins.

It also hangs very low on the back to expose some bum of the wearer for further arousal of the virgin.

The primary design and function of a virgin killer sweater is often reduced into this phrase “doutei wo korosu” which means driving young virgin crazy.

Most Japanese girls use this virgin killer sweater when they are attending comic shows, fashion shoots and other anime related functions.

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 This specific Virgin Killer Sweater is the most popular among our readers!

Who invented the virgin killer sweater?

This sweater was first released into the market in March 2017.

The virgin killer sweater became so popular because the company behind it hired Jun Amaki a 21-year-old model who is known to have a “anime body”.

Many people who wanted to look like Amaki bought the sweater which later became so popular leading to sale of many pieces in a single day.

What is the Virgin Killer?

The Japanese company behind the creation of the virgin killer sweater is what is nicknamed as the “virgin killer”.

The company is known for creating backless and sleeveless jumpers and knitwear designed to arouse the sexual appetite of virgin men. They also sell other items such as bikinis and tops with cleavage designed to serve the same purpose.

The real name of the company is Village Vanguard but it is popularly known as the “virgin killer” now after model Jun Amaki made the virgin killer sweater very popular.

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Virgin Killing Sweaters (The Best 7)


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1. Hollow Out Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater One-Piece Bikini Knit Tank Top Vest Features

Bust Hollow Section: The bust area section of this virgin killer sweater is hollow or open which makes it more sexual, and erotic.

Backless Design: The back section of the seater is open increasing its sexiness. In Japan, this design is known as “doutei wo korosu, a phrase which suggests that the sweater would excite a virgin man to death.

Bikini-like Bottom: This virgin killing sweater has a bottom shaped like a bikini which makes the model look even more sexy and their curves pronounced.

Free Size: This sexy virgin killer sweater comes in a free size design which means it can fit any lady, especially those who weigh below 137 lbs. Additionally, this killer sweater can fit XS to petite ladies with a bust size 90-92cm and 58cm length.

Color Availability: This virgin killing sweater comes in a wide range of colors, such as grey, blue, pink, black, white, and purple among others.

Exposure: The sweater has a moderate erotic feel which means you will not be exposing too much or too little which makes it ideal for anyone.


2. Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater Halter High Neck Knit Jumper Vest Features

Free Size Fit: This virgin killing sweater has a fit all shrinkable design. It comes in 23-inch length, 36-inch bust collar and 7-inch collar.

Material: The sweater is made with high quality wool known as Pxmoda. The knitting finish is soft, elastic and durable which makes this killer swatter to be 100% quality.

Suitable for hot days: Unlike other woolen products which are heavy and dense, the material of this virgin killer sweater is thin which makes it suitable for hot days also.

Not too exposed: This sweater can be won as a top on any occasion because it is does not have too many exposed places apart from the back.

Color: The sweater comes in four main colors; grey, red, white and black which means you have a range of choices.

General purpose: In the Japanese culture and other places were virgin killer sweaters are common, this sweater design is appropriate for all season in summer and winter.

Case Study: Jessica Nigri Virgin Killer Sweater

3. Turtleneck Sleeveless Open Back Virgin Killer Sweater Anime Cosplay Features

Material: This virgin killer sweater is made with high quality 90% cotton and 10% Spandex material.

Size: This killer sweater can fit all XS-L petite ladies or girls with 90-92cm bust with a length of 64cm.

Backless cutout: The back section of these killer sweater is open which makes it sexier and charming.

Sleeveless design: The sleeveless design enhances the beauty of this virgin killer sweater since it is pronounced and exposes your curves more.

Context: This virgin killing sweater can be won at casual, party, night club, date and other homecoming occasions.

Manufacturer: this sweater is produced and sold by Olens, one of the largest and most popular manufacturers on the internet.

Multipurpose Design: This killing sweater can fit as a t-shirt, a sweater, dress, or lingerie which makes it appropriate for multiple purposes. 


4. Sexy Backless Hollow Out Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater Features

Material: This virgin sweater is made with high quality cotton and Acrylic material. The material is soft and comfortable which means it will not irritate your skin.

Backless: The back section of this sweater is open which adds to its sexy feel.

Sleeveless: This design also increases the charming nature of this sweater.

Context: This virgin killer sweater is suitable for many occasions and places, such as holidays, Halloween, sexy environments and parties among others.

Hollow out bust: The bust section of this sweater has a small opening which makes it sexier.


5. Anime Virgin Killer Sweater Cosplay Costumes Strappy Knitted Sweaters Features

Sexy Design: This virgin killer sweater has several features which make it sexy, such as vintage high neck, waist cut out, sleeveless and backless section.

Strappy Pantie section: Unlike the virgin killer sweater above, this one has a bikini-like pantie bottom with straps on the side which makes it more appealing and sexy.

Material: The sweater is made with Acrylic, and cotton material which is soft, comfortable and breathable without irritating the skin.

Free size: This virgin killer sweater can fit all sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

Context & use: This killer sweater can be used in multiple places, such as sexy lingerie, role play costumes, club wear, party dress and fancy dress among others.

6. Cosplay Lingerie Set Lolita Virgin Killer Sweater Sexy Angel and Devil Thongs Features

Sexy crop sweater: This virgin killer sweater has a thin knitted sweater on the top section with big shoulder collar and a cute crop top design to show off attractive waist line.

Devil wing thong: The bottom section is an attractive thong which makes this killer sweater even more attractive.

Size: This killer sweater comes in all sizes for S-XXL ladies.

Brand: This virgin killer sweater is designed by the famous TOMORI company which adds to its authenticity and quality.


7. Anime Cat Embroidery Sexy Lingerie Underwear Cosplay Sleepwear Features

Sexy well-fitting bra: The bust section of this killer sweater is made with a body fitting bra with an opening at the front to make it sexier.

Size: It is ideas for small ladies with a chest size 82-98m and waist of 80-94cm.

Package: This killer sweater comes in three pieces (Bra, panties and choker) which makes it unique and cost effective.

Design: The cat-like design makes it ideal for people who love cats.

Virgin Killer Sweater Buying Guide

Below are some of the factors you should consider when buying a virgin killing sweater;

Personality: The virgin killer sweater shows off too much skin which makes it ideal for extroverted people who have no problem with that. Therefore, this product is not ideal for introverted, shy, religious and other non-outgoing persons.

 Price: Of Course the virgin killing sweater must be within your budget. That is, it must be something you can afford to buy with the cash you are willing to spend.

Purpose: There are virgin killer sweaters for pornography, sex, parties, acting and other uses. In that case, you must pick the option which matches the function or use.

Indoor/outdoor : Most Virgin killing sweaters are ideal for indoor activities because they expose too much skin and they are erotic. Additionally, during cold seasons you cannot use them for outdoor events because they will not keep you warm.


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Origins & Background of Virgin Killer 

A young Japanese woman known as Jun Amaki, 21 years then, posted pictures on social media while she was wearing a Virgin Killing sweater.

Those pictures went viral, and that particular outfit was given a name doutei wo korosu, which means sweater that kills virgins.

In other words, the erotic nature of that sweater had the power to make any Virgin man to desire any lady who wore it.

Therefore, this is a sweater which makes virgin men to “die” out of excitement and desire for women wearing it. (SOURCE)

Virgin Killer Sweater Meme


Virgin Killer Sweater Anime


Virgin Killer Sweater CosPlay


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Virgin Killer Sweater Do It Yourself (DIY)

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