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There are many contexts you might need a silent mouse also known as a quiet mouse. For example, if you are in the library or a conference room, you will not create any distractions or noises with a silent mouse.

The aim of this post is to review some of the best silent click mouse models created by popular brands, such as Logitech silent mouse series.

We shall cover the following sub-topics in this review;

  • Silent gaming mouse
  • Silent wireless mouse
  • Silent wired mouse
  • Silent Computer mouse
  • Silent laptop mouse
  • Silent mouse for work
  • Silent ergonomic mouse

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Scrolling: A non-quiet or noisy mouse uses an optical design model while a quiet/silent mouse uses mechanical encoder model to eliminate the sound.

Echo Chamber: In a noisy mouse, the inside space is empty. Plastic material is always added in the inside chamber of a silent mouse to absorb sound echoes.

Switches: The buttons of a silent mouse are often wrapped around rubber initiators switches to reduce friction or sound produced when surfaces are sticking against each other.

Gliding Surface: A silent mouse is always sealed with plastic lumber material at the grinding feet surface to eliminate any noise produced when moving the mouse around.


VicTsing Slim Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Silent Laptop Mouse
Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse
Pasonomi 2.4G Slim Mute Silent Click Noiseless Optical Mouse
VicTsing Wireless Mouse, 4-Button Slim Silent Full Size Cordless Mice
Noiseless USB Optical Gaming Computer Wheel Mouse
Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse
VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse

1. VicTsing Slim Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Silent Laptop Mouse 

Versatility: This mouse can be used in many areas, such as the office, conference rooms, library and bedroom among others because it’s portable and silent.

Sensitivity & Responsiveness: It has 1600 DP1 and 3 classic buttons which make it highly responsive and sensitive to motion or clicking.

Look & Feel: This mouse is slim and is made from an ergonomic design which makes it portable, smooth and comfortable to use.

Durability: Its battery has unique power-saving features which makes it long-lasting.

2. Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Quiet: This is one of the most silent mouse because you do not hear any sound during clicking and moving around.

Quality: This mouse is made by Logitech, a certified company known for the production of the best quiet mouse products.

Comfort: Made from soft rubber and an ergonomic design which will give you a good grip and comfortable work experience.

Connection: This mouse comes with a nano wireless receiver which is compatible with many devices, such as Internet, USB connection, and Internet cables among others.

Durability: Its battery has a more than 2 year long life ability, which will save you the cost of buying new ones every time.

3. Pasonomi 2.4G Slim Mute Silent Click Noiseless Optical Mouse

Compatibility: This mouse is compatible with all Windows versions and other devices, such as USB cables.

Durability: Its inbuilt battery with 450mAh lithium capacity can last for up to 500 hours after being fully charged. This will reduce damage due to reduced charging.

Comfort: This mouse is well equipped with several features to make it comfortable. For example, it has an anti-slip rubber to keep your hand in position during scrolling. Also, it has an anti-fingerprint feature to offer you more stability.

Noise-Free: No noise is produced during clicking or movement of this mouse which serves you better.

Support: The customer care of the company behind this mouse is very efficient and they offer a 45-days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with this product.

4. VicTsing Wireless Mouse, 4-Button Slim Silent Full Size Cordless Mice

Noise-Free: This mouse is completely quiet/silent which will keep you from worrying about disturbing those around you.

Comfort: These features-streamline design, anti-fingerprint surfaces, sweat resistant finishes and anti-slip rubber scroll) makes this mouse comfortable and will give you the perfect grip.

Portability: This mouse is twice thinner and slim that a normal mouse which makes it more portable from one place to another.

Connection: It has a 2.4GHz wireless transmission capability which will give you a reliable transmission connection to any device connected to this mouse.

Durability & Power: This mouse comes with 2 AAA batteries and a short-circuit protection feature which increase its lifespan.

5. Noiseless USB Optical Gaming Computer Wheel Mouse

Performance and Sensitivity: This mouse has a DPI capacity from 700 to 1600 which can easily be adjusted within that range depending on your needs and preferences.

Response: This mouse has a smooth bottom surface which makes it highly responsive to touch and movement making it more efficient.

Noise-Free: You can be sure that this is quiet mouse which will not produce any sound.

Connection: The mouse can easily be wired with gaming USB’s and other devices.

6. Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse

Noise-Free: The mouse is quiet enough to help you concentrate on your work.

Comfort: It has a smooth frosted surface which will make it easy for you to work with this mouse.

Connection: You can easily connect this mouse to different devices, such as computer USB ports. It has a 2.4 GHz connection speed which makes it more efficient.

Universality: This mouse is compatible with all windows versions and most devices on the market.

Portable: You can easily carry this mouse around from one place to another because its light and has a slim design.

7. VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse 

Comfort: This mouse has several design features, such as streamlined arc, thump rest space and an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to use for long hours.

Long lasting: The battery of this mouse is highly durable. Also, it has a switch-off feature which will put the mouse on sleep mode during inactivity. This will make sure the battery power is saved during inactivity to avoid overcharging it.

Connection: This mouse can support so many plug in or wireless connections up to 33ft away.

Sensitivity: The DP1 of this mouse can be expanded up to 2400 which is good enough to make it highly responsive.


Below are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a silent gaming mouse:

Sensors: It is believed that a mouse with laser sensors is more sensitive, which means it responds faster than one with optical LED sensors. Therefore, always choose laser sensors gaming mouse especially if you want speed and high responsiveness.

Wireless vs wired: No argument on the fact that a wireless mouse will give you more freedom of movement. I guess that is something every game would love to have because flexibility can increase tolerance and fun for the game.

Sensitivity: The number of dots per inch (DPI) measurements of a mouse will tell you how sensitive it is. The higher the number the better. For instance, a mouse with 1,600 DPIs and above is ideal for gamers. Sensitivity can also be measured using the polling rate dimensions of the mouse. The speed at which data travels from the mouse to the device connected to it, such as a computer is what is called polling rate.  Any mouse with a polling rate above 300HZ is ideal for gamers.

Availability of additional buttons: Most mouse have the scroll, left and right click buttons. When it comes to a gaming mouse, some will have up to ten or more additional programmable buttons. This increases the ability to use shortcuts and reduce reliance on the keyboard which increases speed and saves time.

Sturdiness: The best gaming mouse come with adjustable weights so that you are able to choose the level of resistance based on your skills and preferences.

Durability: Most normal mouse have rubber cords used to connect it to the computer. However, most durable gaming mouse have braided cord cables.

Look and feel: A gamer holds the mouse for long hours. In that case, the mouse you pick must have the ideal grip, color and design which you are comfortable with.


1. Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse

Sensitivity & Speed: Has 3200 DPI which can be adjusted up to 3600 DPI, 3600 FPS and 15G acceleration capacity.

Buttons: This mouse has 5 buttons which are highly programmable to suite your memory profiles.

Look & Feel: Comes with a LED Color options which allow you to change its look to your preferences. It’s made from durable and soft material which will give you a comfortable grip.

Versatile: It supports a wide range of operating systems, such as Windows and different types of computer handsets.

Adjustable weights: Comes with an 8-piece weight tuning set.

Durability: Has a 6 feet highly durable and strong braided fiber cable and an anti-skid scroll wheel which increases its resistance.

Wireless vs wired: This mouse is wired.

2. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired

Sensitivity & Speed: The mouse has 16400 DPI, 1000 HZ polling rate, 12000 FPS, 150in/s cursor speed and 30G accretion rate.

Buttons: Has 12 programmable buttons with special setting features based on the commands you add on the program code.

Look and feel: Has an LED RGB color scheme with over 16 million shades to fit all your preferences. The shape is highly comfortable to your hand and comes with frosted painted surfaces to avoid sliding or sweating.

Adjustable weights: Comes with highly adjustable heights and smooth TEFLON pads to make the mouse slide better.

Wired vs wireless: This is a wired mouse.

3. VEGCOO C8 Silent Click Wireless Rechargeable Mouse

Sensitivity: Has a 2.4Ghz transmission speed which allows for accurate tracking.

Wireless technology: This gives you the flexibility and freedom of movement up to 10m.

Look & Feel: Has LED lights which changes the color randomly to beautify the look of this mouse. It has a curve design allowing it to fit perfectly into your hand.

Durability: Its battery is made from Lithium and has more than 400mAh which means you can use it for more than a month without recharging it.


A silent wireless mouse is often preferred by most gamers because it allows freedom of movement and it’s easily portable from one place or device to another. Lovers of wireless mouse also argue it’s the best option since its developers and engineers are under pressure to keep improving the design because it’s the future most preferred option.

On the other hand, a silent wired mouse is still preferred because the wireless mouse comes with some disadvantages. For example, a wireless mouse is less responsive, has extra costs or tasks, such as buying and recharging them. It is also believed that a wired mouse emits less RF frequency radiations making it healthier.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse
VicTsing Wireless Mouse
VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse
Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse
Nexus Silent Wired Mouse
Rapoo 3-Button Silent Wired Mouse
TECKNET New 6-Button USB Wired Mouse
Macally Silent USB Mouse Wired


Finally you got to the end of this quiet mouse review. I want finalize by summarizing some of the qualities to look out for when choosing a silent mouse out of the big list above;

Sensors: Laser sensors are believed to be better than optical sensors.

DPI (Dots Per Inch): The higher the DPI the better.

Wired vs wireless: If you want more freedom of movement, wireless could be your best bet.

Design: Mouse with an ergonomic design are believed to have a better grip and more comfortable.

From the above summary, below are three best silent mouse brands;


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