7 Best Ita Bags For 2020 Reviewed


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If you love anime and manga fashion or characters, you must have come across the Ita bag.

This post will review the best Ita bags, and you will also learn how you can make your own if you do not have money to buy one.

What is an ita bag?

This is any bag, such as handbag or backpack, which is covered with several anime and manga fashion accessories, such as buttons, badges, figurines, keyrings, and other types of merchandise.

The popularity of Ita bags grew in 2014 after being featured in the Shonen Hollywood anime movie.

The primary purpose of the accessories added to ita bags is to express which character, franchise, film, and other fictional elements the owner loves.

Therefore, ita bags are mostly used in Japanese culture. The owner of the ita bag decorates it to represent the anime or manga character they love.

They are used on every occasion, especially in themed cafes and comic parties or events.

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7 Best Ita Bags Compared

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Ita Bag Base

ita bag base is simply the bottom shape of the bag.

The base of an ita bag differs depending on its type. For example, tote ita bags mostly have a square shape, and backpack ita bags have a rectangular shape.

Similarly, a messager ita bag has a suitcase-like base while crossbody ita bags usually come with square or rectangle bases.

Check out the Ita bag types (backpacks, tote, wego, crossbody, inserts, messager, pencil, star, and heart) to see the differences on the bases from the pictures. Below are examples of ita bag bases;

  • Backpacks ita bag
  • Tote Ita bag
  • Crossbody ita bag
  • Messager ita bag

A) Ita Bag Backpacks

1. Zorfin Summer Candy Backpacks Transparent Ita Bag


Size: This ita bag has a length of 11cm, 4cm width and 13cm height, which is an ideal size for many people.

Material: This ita bag is made from durable, quality, safe, and environmentally friendly leather and plastic material.

DIY flexibility: The bag does not have too many decorations, which means you can easily add your decorations to match your ita bag design taste. For example, you can add buttons, keyrings and badges, among others.

Design: The is an ita bag backpack with a transparent pocket at the center. You can put private items in the other non-transparent pockets.

Colors: You can get it in pink, black, blue, green, grey, and purple among other color shades.

2. SteamedBun Ita Bag Candy Backpack

Size: This ita bag is large enough such that you can carry your laptop, magazine, purse and books with it.

Material: It is made with three durable and smooth materials (leather, PVC, and polyester).

Decorations: Has four hooks, a metal chain you can use to hang any extra embellishments, three pockets, and a sturdy closure zipper.


3. Candy Leather Ita Bag Backpack With Ears

Size: This bag is approximates 28 by 10 by 32 cm (L, W, H respectively). You can easily carry anything that is the size of a A4 magazine with this bag.

Sizeable front area: Its front transparent pocket is too large such that you can use it to put any extra designs you want to feature in your ita bag.

Material: This bag is made with durable leather and polyester material which is not prone to fast tearing.

Hooks: It has several hooks you can use to hang several accessories, such as chains.


B) Crossbody Ita Bags

4. FF1 Adjustable Small Clear Heart Cross-Body Ita Bag

Material: The ita bag is made out of quality, durable and premium PU leather.

Design: The bag is lightweight, detailed, well stitched, and perfect structure to make it look attractive.

Features: It has a heart window design outside pocket for putting pins, badges, and buttons. Apart from the transparent pocket, it has a main pocket, and both have side zippers.

Adjustable straps: The straps on the bag can be made shorter or longer to fit your shoulders or cross body length.

Phone or money wallet and purse: These accessory will help you to carry your mobile phone and other private items that need to be kept safely.


5. Wallet Shoulder Ita Bag Cat Shaped

Structure:  This bag has three pockets; 1 large main pocket, 1 zipped pocket on the sides and one transparent pocket on the front. These pockets can easily carry your items, such as phones, sunglasses, keys, purse and wallet among others.

Flexibility: The cat-shaped transparent area allows you to add more decorations and accessories, such as pins, buttons, stickers, and other small items.

Material: This ita bag is made from Polyurethane leather, which is the most reliable and most durable leather brand in the market.


C) Tote Ita Bag

6. Kawaii Shoulder Anime Purse Ita Bag

Material: It is made from highly durable oxford material which can withstand pressure and any other damage.

Versatile: The bag can be used in so many places, such as gym, school, travel, camping, business trips, and shopping, among others.

Many pockets: You can use these pockets to store small personal items, such as sunglasses or keys. You can also use them to enhance the theme of the ita bag to match your taste.

Size: You can store any item that is the size of an A4 magazine in this bag.


7. Tote Anime and Cosplay Shoulder Purse Ita Bag

Flexibility: You are free to use your creativity to decorate this bag with the available pins, dolls and toys to match your taste.

Multi-purpose: This bag can be used in multiple places, such as the gym, travel, school, and business trips, among others.

Anime Fashion: This bag features anime and cosplay features which make it ideal for people who love such content.

Material: The ita bag is made with highly durable material.


Wego Ita Bags

Smilecoco Candy Leather Cat Backpack
• Made with premium Lu leather
• Ideal for the beach, school and hiking purposes
• You can put too many accessories on the transparent and plastic section

Ita Bag for Anime Lolita Bag DIY Cosplay
• Large enough to carry laptops, books, wallets, tablets and other personal items.
• Large display transparent parts to put your favorite ita bag accessories.
• Made with durable and quality leather
• Ideal for gym, school, travel, gym, and parties.


Ita Bag Insert

Insert Handbag Organizer Ita Bag
• Made with waterproof and lightweight nylon material
• Has multiple pockets to put different items on the pocket inserts
• Ideal for use during travelling, outdoor activities, home organization and business trips among others.
Tote Pocketbook Organizer Insert Ita Bag
• Made from durable Oxford material that is waterproof and quality.
• Has a total of 11 pockets inserts you can use to organize your items.
• Has an anti-theft ring on the side you can use for security purposes.

Star Ita Bag

Transparent Backpacks Star Crossbody Bags Lolita Ita Bag
• Made with high quality with PU leather and polyester material.
• It is large enough to carry personal items, such as books, laptops, mobile phones, and sunglasses, among others.
• It has transparent pockets on the front you can use to add more accessories.
Crossbody Purse Cell Phone Wallet Shoulder Ita Bag
• Has an adjustable strap
• Has three pockets you can use to store your items safely.
• It is made of high-quality leather, which makes it more durable.
• It’s perfect for travel, shopping, hiking, and comic adventures.

Ita Messenger Bag

Leaper Retro Messenger Bag Canvas Ita Bag
• Made from premium and special PU leather material and decorations.
• Has lots of pockets you can use to organize your items.
• The bag is unisex
• It has a unique and stylish design which makes it highly attractive.
Crossbody Itabags Purse Anime For Messagers
• Has an ideal size where you can use it to carry personal items, such as makeup, phone and laptops among others.
• Made from high-quality oxford material which is durable
• Perfect for use in many places and occasions, such as the gym, travel, hiking, and sports, among others.

Heart Ita Bag

Ita Bag Transparent Love Heart Backpack
• Made from environmentally friendly leather material which is durable
• Has a clear transparent pocket you can add other ita bag accessories to match your taste
• Can be used in many places, such as school, travelling and festivals among others.
SteamedBun Ita Bag Heart Backpack
• Made from smooth polyester and synthetic leather material
• Can easily carry your purse, phone, books and a some clothes.
• Has several pockets to keep small items safely, such as keys and cards.
• Can be used in many places, such as travelling, shopping and hiking purposes among others.

Ita Bag Accessories


How to make an ita bag


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