The Best Dog carrier slings/Bags/Pouches of 2020


Dog carrier sling are very useful, especially if you have small pets who tire easily on walks and other long distance travels.

To keep your dog safe when carrying it you will need a dog carrier sling, dog carrier bag or dog carry pouches.

Dog carrier slings can be classified in two major categories below;

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1.1 Based on the shape….

1.2 Based on the brand…


Dog Carrier Sling Buying Guide

Consider the following factors when choosing the dog carrier sling to buy;

Size of dog: Some dog carrier slings are made for small dogs. For example you will finds some labeled, “Dog sling carrier 20 lbs”. That means they are for dogs below 20lbs.

Fabric: The fabric of the dog carrier sling should be soft not to irritate the skin on your neck or that of your dog. It should also be durable for you to use it longer.

Adjustable: The straps should be adjustable for custom fitting for both you and the dog.

Additional features: Some dog carrier slings come with additional features, such as hooks and clasps you can attach to dog’s collar for extra support and safety.


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How to Make a Dog Carrier Sling


TOMKAS Dog & Cat Carrier Sling Tote Travel Bag
YUDODO Pet/Dog Carrier Sling with Breathable Mesh
Alfie Reversible Dog Carrier Sling
LANNEY Dog Pouch for Small and Large Dogs
Outward Pouch Front Carrier for Dogs
AmazonBasics Mesh Pet Travel Carrier Bag
PetAmi Pet Carrier Backpack for Dogs & Cats


1. TOMKAS Dog & Cat Carrier Sling Tote Travel Bag

Material: A dog carrier sling made from durable, soft and comfortable fabric which is machine washable to safe you lots of time.

Adjustable: You can easily move the sling or belt around the neck to fit the size of your pet adequately.

Safe & secure: The lock ring at the top where you securely lock the sling in place is strong enough and not prone to breakage.

Reversible: A dog carrier sling that is reversible will give you the flexibility to carry your pet from the front or the back depending on your taste.

Additional features: For example this carrier sling comes with side pockets you can use to carry small and personal items, such as phone, keys and cards among others.

Multipurpose: You can use this dog carrier sling in many places, such as when walking, shopping, cycling, travelling, hiking and outing among others.

Size: It is most suitable for 10lbs dogs or cats with a size that does not exceed 24 by 11 size. 

2. YUDODO Pet/Dog Carrier Sling with Breathable Mesh

Size: This dog carrier sling is recommended for dogs with a weight below 10lbs.

Adjustable: The sling strap can be moved from 35 to 47 inches depending on your shoulder size and dog’s size.

Material: The Yudodo dog carrier sling made from leather which is very durable. This means you will use this this sling long enough.

Comfortable: The strap part which will touch your should is padded which makes it soft and not irritating to your skin and warm for your dog/cat.

Safety: The sling/ strap is hooked to a supper study rock ring which keeps it in place at all times.

Hands-free design: This means you can use your hand to do other things without worrying about the safety of your dog or cat.

3. Alfie Reversible Dog Carrier Sling

Size: Can hold pets who weigh up to 12 pounds.

Security: The straps of this dog carrier sling are locked in place with a strong and durable collar hook for extra security.

Machine washable: It’s made from high quality and durable material which is machine washable to save you time.

Reversible: This dog carrier sling will allow you to carry you pet on the sides, front, back and other position you want. You can also turn the inner cloth inside out.

Multipurpose: Perfect for use when walking, cycling and hiking because it has a hand-free design which means your hands can do other things.


4. LANNEY Dog Pouch for Small and Large Dogs

Material: The outer cloth of this dog carry pouch is made from oxford and pvc coated fabric which is durable and comfortable. The inner lining is made from nylon fabric which can easily be pulled out for wiping and washing.

Adjustable: This dog carrier sling comes with a movable down string which you can adjust to accommodate the weight of your dog.

Multipurpose: You can use this pouch during jogging, running and bend over especially when closed without worrying about the safety of your dog.

Large capacity: This will give your dog free and enough space and make it more comfortable.

Additional features: It has multiple mesh pockets you can carry your dog’s toys, treats and snacks among other items.

Worn in multiple ways: You can carry this dog carrier sling/pouch with a leash or strap around you shoulder, attach it to your pants or use the waist belt to tie it around your waist.

Versatile: Apart from used for pet carrying, it is also a pet training bag which can be a perfect gift to a dog trainer.

5. Outward Pouch Front Carrier for Dogs

Comfortable: This dog carrier bag comes with an inner mesh lining which will keep temperatures normal keeping your dog warm and comfortable at the sometime.

Fabric: The bag is made from water resistant nylon material which makes it more durable.

Pockets: This dog carrier sling/bag has two pockets on the side you can use to carry phones, keys and cards and other small items.

Multiple sizes & styles: This bag comes in multiple sizes so make sure you know the size of your dog well so that you shop for the right size.

Safe: The clips and hooks which hold the straps of this dog carry pouch are strong enough.


6. AmazonBasics Mesh Pet Travel Carrier Bag

Adjustable: The carrying handles and straps of this dog carrier sling can easily be moved around to fit the ideal size for your hands or shoulder.

Airplane-ideal: This bag is made to fit under-seat space of most airlines.

Machine-washable: The dog carrier sling is washable except the inner fleece pad which must be washed with cool water and mild detergents to keep it durable.

Size: This dog carrier bag is large enough to accommodate dogs that weigh up to 22lbs or 10 kgs.

7. PetAmi Pet Carrier Backpack for Dogs & Cats

Easy-access: This dog carrier bag has a two-way entry design which makes entry into the bag convenient for your pet.

Comfortable: The inner section is well ventilated and made with fabric that allows easy air flow to keep your pet comfortable and cozy.

Zip-up mesh window: This section allows your dog to be able to view the environment as you travel which will keep the pet busy. You can also give toys, snacks and treats to your pet through this window.

Sleep area available: The inner lower section of this dog carrier sling is made from soft serpa bedding fabric which will easily sooth your pet to sleep.

Safety: All the straps of this bag are firmly attached to ensure your pet does not fall over.

Wide variety: This bag comes in 9 color shades you can choose from.

Extra Side pouches: You can use these extra spaces to carry your phone, keys, dog snacks, pet toys and other essential items.


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