7 Best Clout Goggles Below $20 Reviewed


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The blog post reviews the best clout goggles for men, women, and children who pride themselves as custodians of swag and sway.

Clout glasses induce confidence to the wearer, making you stand out bold in the crowd and embracing of the splendor of popular culture in the contemporary outgoing world.

If you are the bold and countercultural type, clout sunglasses are for your rocking and articulation of masterful swag.

What are Clout Goggles?

Before clout goggles rose to mainstream fashion use in the 2010s, they were previously known as Kurt Cobain shades due to the artist’s enchanting stylish eyewear during his time.

They are a type of sunglasses with large, nearly-oversized oval-shaped dark lenses, encased in thick majorly white-colored frames but with emerging variations of the colors of the casings.

Wearing a pair of clout goggles will considerably catapult your clout or influence in your various communities that you bear membership.

Contemporary rappers such as American icons Denzel Curry, Wiz Khalifa, Ian Connor, Offset, AS$AP Bari are frequently filmed donning the stylish clout sunglasses, and the eyewear has been part of their rise to fame as the fashion and trend of clout goggles surge around the world.


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7 Best Clout Goggles Compared

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Livhò Clout Goggles
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1. JUSLINK Clout Goggles

Variety of designs available: These clout goggles have multiple models. Some have oval-shaped, cat-eye shaped while others have frames shaped like squares.

All sizes for all ages & gender: These clout goggles are available for women, men and toddlers, boys and girls.

Classic color designs available: The clout goggles frame colors are significantly varied. Black, blue, checked, pink, white, and other frame color schemes are available. The colors of the lenses are diversified with some as dark shades and others as colorless.

UV protection: These clout goggles’ lenses are fitted with UV400 protection to guard your eyes against ultraviolet and other radiation rays.


2. FEISEDY Clout Goggles 

Multiple color schemes: These clout goggles are available with different frame and lenses colors that provide a variety of styles and appeal for you.

Exquisite designs and colors: You have a variety of designs and colors to choose from including square-shaped, oval-shaped, heart-shaped, and cat-eyes-shaped lenses with red, blue, white, gold, pink and black frames among others that leave you spoilt of choices and swag.

Suited for a variety of outdoor activities: These clout goggles are perfect for numerous outdoor activities. You can use the eyewear when driving, walking, shopping, taking pictures, and act as an accessory to high fashion.

UV protection: The lenses of these clout sunglasses are fitted with UV400 protection that blocks 99%-100% ultraviolet radiations from harming your eyes.

High quality: These clout goggles are made of resin lenses and frames, making them strong and durable.


3. Livhò Clout Goggles

Variety of designs and colors available: These clout goggles are made of exquisitely modeled designs and colors that give you the swag and sway in your outdoor activities such as driving, running, and walking.

Light-weighted: The frames and lenses are made of low-weight polycarbonate material that makes give you a stress-free fantastic eyewear experience as you go about your outdoor activities with swag and awe.

Elastic material: These clout sunglasses are made of stretchy, weight-free, environmental, and skin-friendly material that allows you to wear them for a long time without fatigue.

High definition lenses:  The polycarbonate lenses are of high quality and high definition, giving you a clear natural vision of amazing outdoor landscapes.


4. SOJOS Clout Goggles

Available with a variety of unique colors & designs: These clout glasses come with all kinds of lenses shapes from cat-eye, oval, to square-shaped. The choice of frame and lens color is yours, including multicolored lenses.

High-quality frames and lenses: These clout sunglasses are made of framed with high-quality plastic reinforced with metal hinges, making them durable and stylish to your comfort and sway as you move about your outdoor activities like shopping or driving.

Exquisite blend with your fashion choices: SOJOS clout goggles can go with multiple features and clothing, rendering them the perfect accessories for your fashion tastes and preferences.

Money-back guarantees: If you are unsatisfied with the SOJOS clout goggles you bought, you can return them and get back 100% of your money.

Eye protection: These clout goggles are fitted with UV400 antiglare lenses that block 100% UVA and UVB radiations, keeping your vision clear and healthy.


5. zeroUV Clout Goggles

Variety of sizes and unique designs available: Adult male and female sizes, as well as kids’ clout goggles, are at your disposal, allowing you to buy stylish eyewear for your whole family. zeroUV clout goggles are modeled after cat eyes, heart, ovals, squares and a wide range of other shapes and designs to suit your eyewear fashion taste.

Color diversity: You have a wide range of colors to choose from including hot pink, light pink, white, and blue to mention a few, making these clout goggles suited as accessories for clothing design you are wearing.

High quality: These clout goggles are made of plastic frames and composite lenses, making them durable and long-lasting.


6. Gifiore Clout Goggles

Available for both sexes: These clout goggles have varieties for both women and men, making them suited for individuals and couples with a taste for stylish eyewear and swag.

Novel designs and styles: Gifiore Clout Goggles are designed with an eye for the diversity of taste and preferences, giving you a wide range of designs and styles to choose from for your swag and sway.

High-quality: Made of plastic arms and high-definition lenses, these clout goggles are environmental and skin-friendly and as well gives you a clear vision in your outdoor activities.

Money-back guarantees: You have the option to return these clout goggles even without giving any reason and get your money back within 30 days after purchase.


7. OGclout clout goggles

Highly famous: These iconic white are renowned for being worn by Denzel Curry, Gucci Mane, Lil Yachty, among others

High-quality material: Made of plastic frames and composite lenses, durable.

Perfect eyewear for both men and women: Can be won both men and women.


Clout Goggles Shapes

A) Round Clout Goggles


B) Oval shaped clout goggles


C) Half-Moon Clout Goggles


D) Cat-eye Clout Goggles


Asymmetrical Clout Goggles


F) Heart-Shaped Clout Goggles


Where To Buy Clout Goggles

Clout goggles can be purchased in many places, including offline and online shops.

For example, the list below offers some of the best clout goggles for your eye wear fashion.


Clouted up

Ali Express

Clout Goggles For Sale

You can buy clout goggles from many fashion accessories shops around you or shop them online. Clout goggles for sale come with a variety of designs, colors, and material.

Before choosing where to buy clout sunglasses, decide on the design, colors, and material of your taste then visit the shop with clout goggles for sale.

Additional online shops selling clout goggles include:




Clout Goggles Price

Prices for clout goggles vary depending on the manufacturers, designs and the shops. At Amazon, for instance, depending on your choices, prices can range from as low as $3 to as high as $13 per piece.

Clout Goggles Memes


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Clout Goggles Operational Terms

Kurt Cobain clout goggles

These are large oval-shaped clout sunglasses with white frames and dark shades or lenses. They are named after American singer who was filmed wearing them just before he died in 1994.

Clout glasses

Sometimes clout goggles are known as clout glasses.

Clout sunglasses

It’s another name of clout goggles, large oversized glasses usually white-framed with dark shades or lens.

Real clout goggles

While there are varieties of designs of clout sunglasses, the original or genuine clout goggles are the large oval-shaped white glasses with dark lens worn initially by rappers such as Kurt Cobain and Denzel Curry.


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How To Make Clout Goggles

You can make your clout goggles at home using extremely cheap materials.

This video shows you how to make clout goggles at home.


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