Baby Carrier Sweaters 2020: Best Baby Carrying Sweatshirts & Baby Wearing Jackets


Baby carrier sweaters and their counterparts, such as Mom and baby hoodie and Kangaroo hoodie baby carrier were brought about by the common practice of baby wearing.

Baby wearing has many health benefits, such as reducing crying, promoting health and enhancing connection between mom/dad and the baby.

Baby carrier sweaters are one of the many types of baby wearing or baby carrying items, such as slings, wraps and carriers among others.

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Baby carrier sweaters can be classified in different types:

1.1 Based on the different names….

1.2 Based on the material…

Baby carriers or baby wearing products come in four main materials: Sweaters, jackets, coats and sweatshirts. (Read more details below on the sub-topics below)

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 This specific  Baby Carrier Sweater  is the most popular among our readers!


Per Dad Baby Carrier Sweater
YXCM Mom & Baby Carrier Sweater
Women’s Maternity Kangaroo Hooded Sweatshirt for Baby Carriers
Smallshow Baby Carrier Hoodie Sweatshirt Jacket
Cocplayjoy Kangaroo Hoodie Coat Jacket Sweatshirt
Fun2Bemum Baby Wearing Jacket Baby Carrier
Sweet Mommy Baby Wearing Coat


1. Per Dad Baby Carrier Sweater

Quality: It is high quality because it is made from Polyester and cotton material which are all durable and strong.

Effectiveness: The two materials above further make this baby carrier sweater warm and comfortable for both dad and baby.

Versatility & flexibility: The kangaroo pouch or bag section for carrying baby can be removed. This means you can also use this sweater as a daily wear sweater when baby is sleeping.

Size: Comes in different sizes to accommodate all people tastes from small ones to plus size people.

Application: This can be a great gift for new fathers.

2. YXCM Mom & Baby Carrier Sweater

Durability: It has strong zippers and snaps which will not damage after prolonged use. It is also made from quality, warm and cozy material.

Additional features: It comes with a pullover hoodie for baby’s head and your head too. It also has pockets you can use to carry small stuff.

Convenience: You can choose to carry your baby on the front section or at the back.

Nice look: Comes in different colors and perfect sizes to accommodate the taste of all customers.

Very warm: Unlike other hoodies, this one is made from acetate material which is known to make clothes warm and cozy.

Versatile: When you are not use this sweatshirt for baby wearing or carrying, you can use it for shopping, travelling and staying at home among other places.


3. Women’s Maternity Kangaroo Hooded Sweatshirt for Baby Carriers

Comfortable and warm: It is made with durable and soft slings, wraps, carriers and pouches which will keep you and the baby cozy and warm.

Multipurpose: Apart from carrying babies and toddlers, it can also be used to carry pets.

Additional features: It has a side zip up zipper you can open to create more space or close up to reduce it. It also has pockets you can put essential items, such as phone. Also has a hood to cover up babies and mothers head in case of harsh weather.

4. Smallshow Baby Carrier Hoodie Sweatshirt Jacket

Durability & comfort: This sweatshirt baby carrier jacket is made from polar fleece material which makes it warm and cozy even during winter.

Adjustability: The front coat outwear section can be used as a baby sling and also turned back into a baby carrier pouch.

Multipurpose: Since the baby carrier pouch is removable, this jacket can also be worn as a normal day to day purpose jacket.

More features: The side pockets, hoods and long sleeves will provide you with additional uses, such as putting items on the pockets.

5. Cocplayjoy Kangaroo Hoodie Coat Jacket Sweatshirt

High quality: Made from a combination of three highly quality and durable fabrics; cotton, polyester and spandex.

Detachable: The front pocket or pouch used as a baby carrier is removable which means you can use this sweatshirt for other purposes, such as travelling and exercising among others.

Warm: The presence of cotton material makes this product warm, cozy and soft for baby and mom.

Additional items: This sweatshirt comes with a wrap sling and a baby carrier you can install on to the sweatshirt to make it more comfortable.


6. Fun2Bemum Baby Wearing Jacket Baby Carrier

Detachable: This is a 3 in 1 jacket which means it comes as a normal jacket with two removable inserts. One insert is used as a baby carrier.

Multipurpose: this is also a maternity jacket because the other insert is a maternity pouch which will provide space for your growing belly.

Versatile: When you are not using the baby carrier or maternity pouch inserts, you can use this jacket for normal purposes, such as shopping.

7. Sweet Mommy Baby Wearing Coat

Detachable: This jacket comes with several removable sections, such as panel top cover, baby sling, warm boa lining, and cape. All these adds to the comfortability of the jacket.

Durable: The jacket is made from Polyester fabric made in Japan which adds to its long lasting ability.

Size: Comes in different sizes which will accommodate the taste of a wide range of customers.

Affordable: This jacket quality is very high but it still comes at an affordable price.


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